You Think the GOP Has Problems?

While everyone gathers around the water cooler Monday-morning quarterbacking Speaker Boehner on the execution of his game plan for the Cliff Bowl before it is even played, let us spare a thought for the hapless Democrats.  After all, who would want to be a Democrat as we go into 2013? Don't be fooled by that tough-guy act. Yes, yes, we know that the Democrats own the future with the educated, the young, the black, and the Hispanic.  And Republicans have just got to learn to speak Hispanic.  Even Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan seem to agree. But my suspicion is that the old song had it right.  The new Democratic majority has gone about as far as it can go.  You can tell that in the subtext of Democratic policy this holiday season, which seems to be: entitlements today, entitlements tomorrow, entitlements forever. There is something vaguely familiar about that catchphrase. Here is how I explain it. Back in 1989, the Democrats panicked.  They had just...(Read Full Article)