What would Thomas Jefferson Think?

Inspired by the words of Thomas Paine, the new nation's leaders sought to resolve grievances with the government to allow the citizenry to live free from tyranny, while remaining true to the concepts of civil rights and individual liberty. James Madison, in his letter of October 24, 1787 to Thomas Jefferson voiced concerns: "a majority... united by a common interest or a passion cannot be constrained from oppressing the minority." His words have now been proven justified.   In writing the Declaration of Independence, Jefferson, guided by Thomas Paine's 'Common Sense', laid out the grievances against the king, many of which have now been foisted upon us by our current rulers. President Obama, with new found empowerment from his recent victory, now has the flexibility he sought, without the constraints of seeking reelection. The result will be a more all encompassing government ruled by those who favor state control. Looking closer at Jefferson's grievances, which the...(Read Full Article)