Using States to Transform Higher Learning

In the wake of what might appear to be a disastrous presidential election, it must be remembered that Republicans now control half of the fifty state governments outright.  So while Republicans can do nothing at the federal level except obstruct radical leftist plans, Republicans at the state level can do a great deal to transform America.  There are lots of areas in which this political muscle could be used to defeat leftism. Why not start with the macabre obscenity of taxpayer-supported higher education?  We do not need public universities -- or, for that matter, any universities -- to produce genius.  Some of the brightest minds in our nation's history never attended college at all (indeed, many never attended school at all, like the great polymath Benjamin Franklin).  Ray Bradbury, for example, the mind behind some of modern America's most hauntingly beautiful literature, went to the children's section of the public library and read every single book....(Read Full Article)