Two Christmas Gifts: Hope and Love

This is not the most joyful of Christmases. The tragedy of the Newtown massacre is fresh on our minds. The crumbling of the Administration's misbegotten Middle East and North African policies grows increasingly obvious and presents nothing but frightening scenarios. The country's dive off the fiscal cliff occasioned by decades of growing entitlements  and fiscal profligacy  looms ever nearer. But the power of hope and love is stronger than all that. Two videos circulating the past two weeks online reinforce my faith in people and I share these gifts with you for Christmas in the hope that these examples renew and strengthen your belief in a better future. Rochester, New York: Jason McElwain The story that brought Jason fame is now several years old but it started recirculating this week, I think because right now we need this reminder of grace and love and hope. Jason McElwain is autistic. For years he, an avid  basketball enthusiast, was manager of his high school's...(Read Full Article)