There Is No Party of Principle

The 2008 and 2012 elections have revealed that an escalating number, perhaps a majority, of Americans are comfortable with the concept of transforming the United States into a Euro-Socialist democracy.  While this may be easily sold to an increasingly ill-educated populace by those desirous of capturing political power, the reality is far different when it comes to the price to be paid.  A price that is not only monetary but societal as well.  Yet there is no party in this nation willing, regardless of the political cost, to confront reality, be brutally honest with the citizenry and stand on principle. The American people have, thus far, been immune from the financial consequences of a society already well on its way to this transformation.   The United States, thanks to its status as the world's largest economy and whose dollar is, for the time being, the global reserve currency, can paper over the cost and long-term impact -- as the nation can continue to...(Read Full Article)