The Truth about Costs in Health Care

Now that the Affordable Health Care Act is set to go into its actual, real-world  administration, we are about to learn the true meaning of cost.  The cost, unfortunately,  will be America losing the best health care in the world.  Maybe it's too late to bring this up, but costs in medical care that led to a justifiable panic are explainable.  Fortunately for us, cost issues can still be ameliorated in a reasonable way.  We must acknowledge the factors that drive up costs and address them. Not that many generations ago, doctors and hospitals were not that well-paid.  Indeed, not that long ago, doctors had little to offer the sick in terms of treatment, justifying their poor remuneration.  Nurses were much more valuable to the sick and dying.  Then something dramatic and unintended happened.  In an effort to avoid inflation, the federal government set wage controls in the 1950s.  Businesses, in an effort to attract good...(Read Full Article)