The Psychopathology of the Liberal Mind

The ever-increasing culture of entitlement was correctly identified by Mitt Romney as a leading factor in the Democrats' victory.  However, running in parallel is another culture on the rise -- one far less well-identified, which bodes ominously not only for the GOP's future prospects, but, more importantly, for the democratic process itself. If the culture of entitlement is illustrated by 47% of the population believing they have a right to live off the country's teat, then what could be termed a "culture of pseudo-idealism" is the mindset that gets its self-worth from assisting them to do that. Pseudo-idealism is a term coined by the Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith to describe apparently charitable behavior that on scrutiny is revealed as selfish, because the giver is engaging in it only so that he or she can feel good about him- or herself.  It is a characteristic commonly found among the left, and it constitutes what the author Geoffrey Wheatcroft recognized as the...(Read Full Article)