The Piltdown Warning

The left loves to muster the armies of official "science" to discount conservative values and principles.  Man-made global warming, of course, is one example. Natural cycles of warming and cooling are indisputable.  When Europe was cooler, 10,000 years ago, Britain was not an island, and what would become the English Channel has been called Doggerland, a land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe.  Doggerland vanished about 6,500 years ago as natural global warming melted the oceans enough to cause the sea to rise.  Later, in the Little Ice Age, Britain endured a natural cooling which caused many crops to fail and ended wine-growing in that country. Man-made global warming simply fills a need for statists who wish to grow rich and powerful off their demands for power over our lives.  Hoyle, the great cosmologist, a few decades ago warned of a new ice age which could be prevented only by draconian control over our lives and enormous expenditures of...(Read Full Article)