The Piltdown Warning

The left loves to muster the armies of official "science" to discount conservative values and principles.  Man-made global warming, of course, is one example.

Natural cycles of warming and cooling are indisputable.  When Europe was cooler, 10,000 years ago, Britain was not an island, and what would become the English Channel has been called Doggerland, a land bridge between Britain and mainland Europe.  Doggerland vanished about 6,500 years ago as natural global warming melted the oceans enough to cause the sea to rise.  Later, in the Little Ice Age, Britain endured a natural cooling which caused many crops to fail and ended wine-growing in that country.

Man-made global warming simply fills a need for statists who wish to grow rich and powerful off their demands for power over our lives.  Hoyle, the great cosmologist, a few decades ago warned of a new ice age which could be prevented only by draconian control over our lives and enormous expenditures of international supergovernmental funds. 

Science has been confused and discredited in other areas of our life.  Consider man himself.  Where did he come from?  How can he change?  The Soviets, who discounted the transmission of beneficial qualities by heredity, because that was in conflict with "scientific" Marxism, embraced the deadly and surreal quackery of Lysenko, a favorite of Stalin who thrived under his successors.  Lysenko said that acquired characteristics could be transmitted by heredity.  So a man who studied chess and improved his game enormously could transmit that acquired ability to his children.  Crops and livestock also could be improved that way.

Darwinists proclaimed that heredity produced, through natural selection, the development and growth of biological species, including man.  Although this has remained a "theory" of evolution by natural selection and not a "law" of science, Darwin's theory has remained the dogma of institutional science for a long time.

December 18, 2012 marked the centennial of one of the most notorious examples of how far the bureaucrats of official science will go to sustain a theory which allows them to dispense with God and to replace themselves as the new gods of life.  On December 18, 1912, the Geological Society of London announced to the world that it had uncovered the "missing link" between our primate kin and Homo sapiens: the "Piltdown Man."

Henry Osborne, president of the American Museum of National History, proclaimed that the fossil remains were "without question" was proof of the evolution of ape to man.  A monument to the discovery was erected at Barkham Manor to Charles Dawson, the founder of the fossils of this missing link.

The New York Times proclaimed "Darwin Theory is Proved True," and Nature, one of the most influential scientific journals in the work, announced that the Piltdown Man was an improvement proof of Darwin's theory.  Textbooks included the Piltdown Man as evidence that Darwin was right.

As late as 1950, Nature was citing "New Evidence on the Antiquity of Piltdown Man" and announced that fluorine tests made it even more likely that the Piltdown Man was a single creature.  From 1912 to 1953, college textbooks would treat the Piltdown Man as scientific evidence of Darwin's theory.  The bulk of the scientific community accepted the Piltdown Man as true. 

But in 1953, there arrived conclusive proof that the Piltdown Man was a complete hoax.  It represented nothing more than a collection of fossil bones from different creatures which fulfilled the Darwinian fantasy of many scientists seeking a secular god in nature.

Paleoanthropology in the last century is full of such hoaxes.  Before the Piltdown Man, the Java Man in 1891 was also accepted for a while and then proven a fraud.  A few years after the Piltdown Man, the Nebraska Man, "discovered" in 1922, was not formally rejected by Science until 1927.  The history of human evolution is pocked with frauds which were accepted for a time simply because the bones fit into patterns which disciples of Darwin desired.

Science -- true science, which is not the slave of collegiate bureaucracies or scientific institutes sustained by tax dollars and giant foundations -- cannot have this sort of bigotry against evidence which conflicts with a working theory or in favor of any scrap of isolated data which may support the official theory. 

True science has something utterly missing from the lockstep study and research in colleges today: true science has "schools of thought," which would in the case of Darwin's theory mean that independent minds would suggest other ways in which our species might have been born and grown.  Scientists who wanted to find proof that nature was a material machine which needed no Creator found the Piltdown Man and foisted him on to the gullible world as proof of that atheistic system of belief.  It was, from the beginning, a lie, but those who do not believe in a Great Judge of Mankind do not fear telling lies, if it takes forty years for those lies to be discovered.  That is the Piltdown warning from one hundred years ago.

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