The Only Way to Stop School Shootings

Senator Dianne Feinstein's ghoulish eagerness to exploit the tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut for political gain is reminiscent of stock horror movie villains who need and crave the blood of innocents for their unholy agendas. Feinstein's agenda is an "assault weapon" ban, and it needs to be shut down before it gets started. Suppose that Feinstein had somehow been able to make all magazines larger than 10 rounds disappear overnight. Mass murderer Adam Lanza would have had to switch magazines more frequently but, as he was the only armed person present in the school, he could have done that at his leisure. The only armed person present could, in fact, have wreaked considerable havoc with only a knife or an axe. The phrase "the only armed person present" indicates the only rational solution to the problem in question, as does the fact that Lanza turned his gun on himself only when the arrival of other armed people (police) changed his situation to his disadvantage. This reinforces the...(Read Full Article)