The Martyrdom of Avigdor Lieberman

In 1999, Benjamin Netanyahu lost the Israeli election to leftist Ehud Barak to the squealing delight of Israel's conscripted media and of many in its judicial system.  At the time, a criminal investigation was launched against Netanyahu for supposedly misappropriating property from the Prime Minister's residency.   He had to leave it in a hurry to turn it over to his successor, and supposedly had absconded with some trinkets and gifts that had been given to him as Prime Minister but really belonged to the residency, not to him personally.  Nothing much came of the "investigation," other than it serving as an illustration of how the judicial Left in Israel and the chronically politicized Prosecutor's Office file politically-motivated indictments and open politically-motivated criminal investigations. In Israel there is a long tradition of the Left using prosecution to get its way, especially when the Israeli voter refuses to endorse what the Left wants.  ...(Read Full Article)