The Mainstream Elf on the Shelf

Santa's "Elf on the Shelf" may be watching little girls and boys and sending reports of their naughty or nice behavior to the North Pole, but Mainstream Elves sit on America's shelves with a much bigger job. Propped up by the Democrat-media complex, Mainstream Elves not only judge America's conduct, but also direct America's conversation.  And instead of magically constructing free toys in North Pole workshops, these elves celebrate the funneling of taxpayer wealth into Uncle Santa's bag, and then the packaging and distribution of its contents.  Visions of those vote-enticing goodies and schemes of stimulus programs dance in campaigning politicians' heads. To a Mainstream Elf, naughty labels are earned for disbelief in Big Government Santa, logical questions beyond bumper-sticker talking points, or saying "no" to most any social issue.  Occupying any space to the right of the Mainstream Elf-defined "mainstream" is extremely naughty.  Niceness involves saying "yes,"...(Read Full Article)