The Inexplicable Picture of Jews Defending Hamas

As a young Jewish boy growing up in the Bronx, I heard my mother utter the following expression countless times: "there is no anti-Semite like a Jewish anti-Semite."  I wish she were around for me to tell her she was right more times than not. Take last month's dust-up in Gaza.  A Jewish reader of the Advocate, always disparaging of Israel and fitting my mother's description to a tee, proudly e-mailed me an article written by another Jew of similar mindset.  The article, written by Gideon Levy, was recently published in the Israeli weekly Haaretz.  Replete with anti-Israel invective and outright condemnation, the author, it would have made Joseph Goebbels drip with envy.  Discounting years of  unprovoked daily attacks and conveniently  forgetting the psychological and physical stress suffered by young Jewish children, this guy, in the vanguard of Israeli-bashing kooks, epitomizes the self-flagellating Jews both within and outside Israel. What's his...(Read Full Article)