The Great Transference

Socialism is a great monkey's paw. Like the powerful yet cursed object in the traditional story (which has appeared in many forms throughout human history, including in modern horror cinema (such as the The Haunt of Fear segment in the 1972 horror film Tales from the Crypt) socialism promises our heart's desires... but at a terrible and unforeseen price. That price (or, more accurately, an integrated, interconnected matrix of "prices"), however, is always said by the prophets of a "better world" to be either minimal or nonexistent; a figment of our fears, prejudices, ignorance, and lack of political or social will. The present occupant of the White House, and the party of which he is an iconic if standard feature, was born into and suckled upon the milk of zero-sum economics, perennial class antagonism, class envy, and a neo-feudal status centered mentality of human relations. Like many of his generation and worldview, he is convinced there is a "better world" possible in which...(Read Full Article)