The GOP Opportunity in Electoral College Reform

There is a pre-groundswell mutter coming from the Democrat media right now about calling a constitutional convention to get rid of the electoral college -- with the not so hidden agenda of removing a few other impediments to their policies, including the Second Amendment, term limits, and the constitution's "stupidest clause" (the one Obama does not meet requiring the American president to have two American parents). The electoral college, which meets on Monday the 17th to ratify Obama's election, consists of one member for each congressional district, one member for each senator, and three members from the District of Columbia.  As things stand, almost all states award electoral college votes on a winner-take-all basis -- all of Florida's 29 votes will, for example, go to Obama despite the 4.1 million (49.6% of major candidate votes counted) Romney earned there. The exceptions are Maine and Nebraska, which select two electors based on the statewide vote and the remainder on...(Read Full Article)