The End of 'Reset': Russian Orphans Get the Shaft

This Christmas, Santa Claus delivered what is likely the biggest lump of foreign policy coal that any U.S. president has ever received in his stocking: Barack Obama's "reset" policy with Russia collapsed almost as spectacularly as did the USSR. Where to begin, where to begin?  Perhaps with the threats of World War III? In the week leading up to Christmas, Russia threatened to break off diplomatic relations (Russian-language link) with the United States and launch unilateral attacks on U.S. warships sailing through international waters in the Black Sea. These bloodthirsty statements from high-ranking officials in the Russian government came in response to further efforts by the U.S. to bolster its missile defense shield in Eastern Europe and to the enactment of the so-called Magnitsky Act, which sanctions Russian government officials who participate in the abuse of basic human rights. Sergei Magnitsky was a crusading anti-corruption attorney who was arrested and tortured...(Read Full Article)