The Dark Side of the Cliff

All of the media hype leading up to the "fiscal cliff" deadline reminds me a bit of the doom and gloom surrounding the Y2K bug back in 1999. I spent my final hours of the millennium at a fairly large New Years Eve party in the South Bay Area. Being a bit of a prankster, I decided to help dispel one of the Y2K myths in a simple way that was guaranteed to get peoples' attention. Nearly everyone was watching the TV as Dick Clark was counting down the final seconds of the twentieth century. I snuck outside and ran over to the main electrical panel and at the exact moment of Y2K, threw the main breaker shutting down power to the entire house. You could have heard a pin drop but for a few gasps. Once the power was restored it was time to face reality -- Armageddon hadn't struck and almost all of the hype leading up to the event was just that -- hype. Similarly, if no deal is struck and we go over this so-called "fiscal cliff" we'll wake up fully intact on 1/1/2013 but will also be faced...(Read Full Article)