Shoelessness and Subway Violence

The ongoing saga of Jeffrey Hillman, who was given shoes by a kind cop, and the horrific story of the killing of Ki Suk Han by Naeem Davis reveal the inadequacies of the tools available to authorities for the treatment of schizophrenics and others with mental disorders. Specifically, short of institutionalization, society has no mechanisms to assure that people with mental disorders are treated and take proper medications. To be sure, we have not been told that Hillman and Davis fit that category, but their behaviors and histories follow closely the symptoms -- such as constant smoking, apathy, argumentativeness, racing thoughts, lack of concentration, pacing, inability to complete tasks, and the like -- of schizophrenia's multi-faceted and multi-level nature. The disease is not easily diagnosed in all of its sufferers since it can come in forms mild to extreme, and its symptoms and behaviors are found also in people with various levels of depression or with bipolar or schizoaffective...(Read Full Article)