Sensible Arms Policy

The tragedy of Sandy Hook has been disheartening in so many ways, first and foremost in human ways.  It has also once again exposed the extent to which our national debates are framed by polemics, rather than pragmatic problem-solvers. As a conservative, I have been disappointed that so many within my ranks continue to advocate for a continuation of the status quo, rather than sensible alternatives.  The reaction, in many cases, has been an emotional one, and several of the arguments that are being offered constitute clichéd talking points.  I offer my response to several of those arguments below.    Gun Rights are Inalienable and Natural References to rights as "fundamental," "inalienable," or "natural" (in the St. Thomas Aquinas tradition) are convenient trump-cards for advocates of those rights, because these arguments are, by and large, conclusory and irrefutable.  They are grounded in references to higher purpose and so, naturally (no pun...(Read Full Article)