Rep. Capuano (D-MA) vs. the Public

Michael Capuano, former Mayor of Somerville, MA and Democrat Congressman for a "majority-minority" district that includes Cambridge and most of Boston, addressed the fiscal cliff in his e-update this week, in which he announces: "I believe in compromise." Compromise in fiscal negotiations usually refers to a so-called moderate, bipartisan approach that attacks the deficit problem from both sides by raising taxes and cutting spending. I don't see anything moderate about raising taxes to enable a spending binge, but Rep. Capuano doesn't even pretend to follow this faux moderate path of compromise; he opposes every spending cut on the table. Capuano beginsby setting out his "basic beliefs": I believe in paying your bills. If you want something, you should pay for it. This applies to birthday gifts, home improvement projects, and government programs... I believe the problems we face are serious and must be addressed reasonably soon. We should find a way to pay our bills and not burden...(Read Full Article)