Recognizing the Wolf at the Door

I have found myself remembering a child's prayer dating back to 1711. That year was a time in which little children were brought forth into a world they often too soon departed. Parents prayed with their children, reminding them about the fragility of life. "Now I lay me down to sleep,I pray the Lord my soul to keep,If I should die before I wake,Bless me Lord my soul to take." The prayer isn't prayed much anymore. It's considered too violent and too morose for little lips to repeat. Yet as we know, little souls were and are taken to God. Death came to a Connecticut schoolhouse last week. Violently, suddenly, before the children had another night's sleep. Solemn Death, as poetess Emily Dickinson noted not only stopped for her; but the Grim reaper also passed by children at recess. But there is another great evil visiting the classrooms of our public schools every day, though it is often not recognized as such. That is the absence of learning about and confronting Evil. When did we...(Read Full Article)