Racial Favoritism and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Earlier this year, the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra (ASO) decided to disinvite two predominantly white high school choral groups from performance in the ASO's holiday concert. The ASO's decision was reportedly motivated by the high schools' lack of diversity, which caused a stir among people who believe in racial justice as opposed to racial favoritism. The ASO didn't admit that their decision was racially motived. In fact, ASO vice president of marketing Charlie Wade offered only benign reasons for their decision in public. To get to the bottom of what happened, I used the Georgia Open Records Act to find out ASO's real reason for disinviting the non-diverse choral groups. Previously unpublished emails reveal that the ASO's true reason was to "diversify the chorus" and to add "a chorus featuring more African-American kids," as ASO marketing VP Charlie Wade privately wrote. This is blatant racial favoritism, reflecting the exact opposite of the ASO's public remarks. Prior to...(Read Full Article)