Psychiatric Community Not Stepping Up

 "Not the simplest crime scene" opined the top cop investigating the Newtown, Ct. school massacre. But what happened is simple indeed:  the dangerously mentally ill have struck again. Instead of being confined where they can be monitored and treated, advanced state paranoid schizophrenics roam freely, listening to voices that eventually order them to kill. The price we pay is the regular occurrence of unnecessary mass killings. The media rarely point out each time that the incidents have the same modus operandi. Reporting is laced with outrage at the perpetrator and demands for swift justice.  Vengeance is gradually  replaced with the crying need for gun control - followed by a flurry of anti-gun rhetoric which goes nowhere:  the large majority of Americans support the right to bear arms. Rarely do the first reports state the obvious: another dangerously mentally ill killer is at it again. Of course it started in the 1960s, the era of zany theories. British...(Read Full Article)