Of Space and Men

If a future historian wanted to find the intersection of America's apogee and the start of her decline, he could do no better than spend forty minutes watching this NBC video about Apollo 13. The program was produced on the fortieth anniversary of the famous rescue of the moon shot gone wrong.  In it, NBC's Matt Lauer interviews the leading surviving players in the drama.  Mission Commander Jim Lovell, crewmember Fred Haise, Lead Mission Controller Gene Kranz, and Marilyn Lovell contribute their recollections of events that were as remarkable a human story as the Apollo Program was a remarkable human achievement. The images accompanying the story are powerful testimony to what Americans capable of such a feat looked and smelled like.  We were different people then.  Lovell, Haise, and the since deceased Jack Swigert made up the crew.  All were test pilots.  All had military experience, and each logged thousands of flight hours.  Kranz was an F-86...(Read Full Article)