Obama's Stealth Redistribution Strategy

Resentment of the rich trumps all else in liberalism, and we are defending against a multi-front class war. President Obama is using a shotgun approach to redistribute your wealth, with multiple attacks on your income, property, savings, and cost of living.  These coordinated attacks started after the 2008 election and are now set to hit critical mass in his second term.  You may be hearing about the automatic tax increases in the fiscal cliff, plus additional tax increases President Obama is negotiating with Speaker Boehner.  But you won't hear much about liberalism's most powerful, and silent, redistribution tool: inflation.  How is inflation redistributive?  While not actually taking from one and giving to another, inflation satisfies the first step of the two-step redistribution process: Step One: Reduce the wealth of the bourgeoisie.  Step Two: Increase the wealth of the proletariat.  The liberals, progressives, communists (or whatever label...(Read Full Article)