Obama Wants a War

Conservatives seem to be nonplussed about President Obama sending Treasury Secretary Geithner to Capitol Hill without a proposal for a grand bargain on entitlements.  But why?  Worrying about debt and default and entitlements is for the responsible people.  Responsibility is for the people who believe in the "responsible self," the notion developed a couple of millennia ago during the Axial Age.  Responsibility is for the bourgeoisie. President Obama is above all that.  Liberal politics in general is above all that.  Their politics is about war, not about nice comfortable entitlements.  President Obama's War?  He's fighting a war on "inequality."  Even the Washington Post's Zachary Goldfarb is willing to admit to that. As Obama did in legislative fights during his first term, he also will be striving to reduce a three-decades-long wave of rising income inequality that has meant that fewer Americans have prospered while more struggle to get...(Read Full Article)