Obama and Abbas Are Destructive to the People They Represent

The disgraceful and immoral Jay Carney once again took to his soapbox and admonished Republicans for their irresponsibility for not caving to Obama's blackmail.  Yes, Obama is blackmailing the Republican Party.  He is doing so in the hopes of preventing a replay of the historic 2010 massacre that was also known as the midterm elections that, thanks to the Tea Party, gave the House back to the Republicans.  And he is doing so in the hopes of providing long-term destruction to the viability of the country's two-party system. Carney stated: Asking that a political price be paid in order for Congress to do its job to ensure that the United States of America pays its bills and does not default for the first time in its history is deeply irresponsible. It was deeply irresponsible in the summer of 2011 and it would be deeply irresponsible if we were to see that kind of approach taken again. The President absolutely expects Congress to do its job, and one of the jobs that...(Read Full Article)