Now Is Not the Time to Give Up on Marriage

Same-sex marriage laws were ratified recently by referendum in Maryland, Maine, and Washington after a string of ballot defeats in thirty-two other states.  Many now claim that the tide of public opinion has finally turned. Yet the glaring truth about the national debate is that it never actually occurred.  Rather than inform, both sides have starved the public of real, substantive discussion.  Jargon and slogans (i.e., "equality" and "fairness" v. "tradition" and "the Bible says") were for too long lobbed at voters while academics, pundits, and preachers duked it out in the media and in private forums over the same tired rationales, each preaching to his or her own choir.  The world is so much bigger, so much more magnificent than the direction progressives have tugged and dragged the country toward, and now, post-election, this same tugging is coming from within the world of conservatism. "Surprising validators" -- a term employed by Cass Sunstein describing...(Read Full Article)