My Stingray Christmas

A scant lifetime ago, when the world had not yet lost its luster, I was a young boy from a large family growing up happily in the East San Gabriel Valley region of Southern California. My memories begin to solidify in the early 1960's with the era of Beatlemania and the striking down of a young president. Historians tell us that these years marked the apex of American power and influence around the globe. Perceiving life through my comic book world, I knew nothing of this. Being a klutz of sorts from what I suppose was a problem with depth perception, I had avoided organized sports and was late even in riding a bike. Playing marbles in the gutters of our cul-de sac and my love for comic books were the diversions of a boy who was painfully shy and reserved. My father had come from a rough part of Los Angeles and in seeking to shield his children from dangers and temptations, had forbade me from travelling any further than the street behind us. As I grew, it was my thorough...(Read Full Article)