Muhammad at the Movies: The Sequel

Internationally-known Koran burner Terry Jones has returned to the internet with a film condemning Islam's prophet Muhammad after Jones helped promote the internet trailer Innocence of Muslims, a source of global controversy. Posted on Jones' website Stand Up America, the over one-hour long movie The Innocent Prophet: The Life of Muhammad from a Different Point of View uses mainly cartoon images to present Muhammad and Islam as fraudulent. Legal actions taken against Jones' co-producer, the Pakistani exile Imran Fisarat now living in Spain, show once again how free speech critical of Islam is under threat. Curiously in several respects, Spanish authorities have acted against Fisarat even though no Muslim rioters around the world have expressed outrage against The Innocent Prophet as was the case previously with Innocence of Muslims. An international relations scholar resident in Madrid, Soeren Kern, has extensively analyzed Fisarat's background at the Gatestone website for which...(Read Full Article)