Minorities in the Mideast

How might the power and political structure in Syria evolve? One scenario that crops up is that the country devolves into several pieces, based on identity groupings. This might be termed its "balkanization," or "the recent Yugoslav model." Recall that the former Yugoslavia, about the size of Oregon and about a third larger than Syria, in the 1990s broke into six republics plus Serbia's two autonomous provinces. Yugoslavia as a political entity existed in several forms since the end of World War One. The people of Yugoslavia had utilized two alphabets, hosted three major religions, spoke four languages, comprised two major races, and included several major nationalities. It finally broke apart as an entity. For many years it has been commonplace to describe the Middle East as "Arab Moslem," as though it belongs to Arabs and Moslems exclusively. In reality, the multitude of minorities of the Middle East considered together may be nearly a majority. The population may be categorized by...(Read Full Article)