Middle East Exploding, and Obama Nowhere to Be Found

Nations in the Middle East, some of whom were once allies of the U.S., appear to be defying America.  This is very evident when reviewing the events over the past six months in Libya, Syria, Egypt, and Iraq, and also among the Palestinians.  As former Vice President Dick Cheney stated, "[o]ur allies no longer trust us, or have confidence in us, and our adversaries no longer fear us."  The problem is also that America's allies in the region are dwindling while its adversaries are increasing.  American Thinker interviewed experts to get their opinion about this very important issue. In Iraq, the government has ignored entreaties from the Obama administration and has freed a top Hezb'allah operative accused of murdering American soldiers.  This was after Vice President Joe Biden phoned Prime Minister Maliki on November 13, urging him to hold the terrorist Ali Musa Daqduq accountable for his crimes.  Also, earlier this month it was reported by U.S....(Read Full Article)