Mean Gays

Ever since I saw the film Mean Girls, almost ten years ago, I have been waiting for Mean Gays.   The instant classic starring once-innocent Lindsay Lohan, orchestrated by the pre-Palin-slayer Tina Fey, wasn't as much about the meanness of females as about a maladjusted social world populated by people who resorted to games to overcome their own insecurities.  The film spurred discussion among women about how to stop being nasty.  Unfortunately, the LGBT leadership seems determined each year to make gays more and more like adolescent girls.  Therein lies a tale.   In Vindication of the Rights of Women (1792), Mary Wollstonecraft presented many of the same issues.  Wollstonecraft depicts British women of the eighteenth century as petty, brainless gossipers, fulfilling all the worst male stereotypes of females because, by refusing to educate them, men created the monsters who would populate their misogynistic fantasies.  Of course, if you deprive a...(Read Full Article)