Latin America, the Mideast, and the Pope

I have taken on the dubious effort of translating some news reports from South American TV into English. Though my Spanish is fractured and weak, I can still glean one trend that is ominous. South American media has taken a viciously anti-Israel turn. There are many reasons for this. Certainly, the enormous amount of Arab immigration to Latin America has had an influence. There is also a growing Latin-Arab alliance when it comes to OPEC. However, the undeclared bull in the china shop is Roman Catholicism's refusal to take a clear stand on the Mideast issue. A Christmas News report from Bethlehem, by TeleSurTV, a transnational network run out of Hugo Chavez's Venezuela, runs a dateline from Palestine, something which would not be seen on American TV or even on most European reportage. They report not from the West bank nor the disputed territories, but "Palestine." TeleSur's reporting can be downright hostile, and might as well be Al-Jazeera. The report also mentions that the majority...(Read Full Article)