Ken Cuccinelli: Conservatives' New 'It' Candidate

This past week Lieutenant Governor Bill Bolling announced that he was dropping out of the race for Virginia's governor, but left open the door to his running as an independent.  He issued a disappointingly divisive statement that Richard Viguerie called Bolling's Charlie Crist moment.  Bolling took an unfortunate and cheap shot against his primary opponent and now-presumptive Republican nominee, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli.  Bolling's statement was a dénouement of betrayal to his conservative voters and supporters.  We have come to expect that from establishment Republicans who somehow feel entitled to support from principled conservatives -- right up to the point that they no longer need us. Bill Bolling was a state senator from Virginia's heartland with eyes on running for Lieutenant Governor when I first heard him speak.  At the time, I knew little about the 30-something state senator Ken Cuccinelli from the very blue county of Fairfax. By...(Read Full Article)