Keeping Sight of the Cliff

A problem can never be solved unless both it and the desired outcome are clearly defined. The worst possible thing to do in any negotiation is to lose sight of what you are negotiating for; unfortunately, losing sight may be exactly what is happening with the "fiscal cliff". The debate has somehow become focused on the singular issue of tax hikes, but the problem is multifaceted, and the best course of action may have been lost in the fog. The "fiscal cliff" is more like a mountainous landscape, with slopes, falls, rapids, and precipices. The United States has found itself lost in the mountains, surrounded by dangers, and it needs to navigate a path back to safety. The destination and terrain are being argued about while the country continues to move forward down an increasingly dangerous path. But this argument is both necessary and beneficial. President Obama and the Democratic Party have grossly misjudged both their desired destination and the safety of the path. For the...(Read Full Article)