Justice Sotomayor and Murderer Advocacy

As detailed elsewhere, pro-murderer media suppression of the truth has played a major role in enabling a wholesale evisceration of capital punishment. Justice Sonia Sotomayor recently provided a graphic example, one that would be excruciatingly painful to survivors of murder victims if they knew about it. Many people unfamiliar with the practices and philosophy of the current Supreme Court would very likely be shocked to learn just what values some justices hold. In an unreported but highly revealing dissent from the Supreme Court denial (at least temporarily - myriad appeals are endless) of further tortuous review of a claim by convicted triple-murderer Benny Lee Hodge, Sotomayor complained of his lawyer's "deficient" attention to Hodge's abused childhood: [T]he court below concluded that Hodge would have been sentenced to death anyway because even if this evidence had been presented, it would not have "explained" his actions, and thus the jury would have arrived at the same...(Read Full Article)