Jack Reacher

Key to enjoying this competent and enjoyable flick is the fact that: one, Tom Cruise produced it, and his mother didn't spawn no laid-back fluke -- he's not in the business of selling dogs; and two, we are in the presence of a tightly crafted entertainment that aims to please, and it achieves just that. A solid police procedural of a convoluted and ingenious crime, Reacher is a former USAF M.P. with Sherlockian powers of ratiocination. Hailed into a case of seeming mass murder, he immediately takes mastery of the mise en scene, baffling the defense lawyer (pert Rosamund Pike) who must patch together some sort of defense for the accused sharpshooter despite overwhelming evidence against him. We willingly suspend disbelief because Cruise/Reacher shows us how initial cut-and-dried judgments of who is guilty, why and how, can be...dead wrong. Beyond the fun of a tsunami of testosterone (you feel like chewing 10-inch nails when you get out, even if you're a protected party fille in...(Read Full Article)