In Defense of John Boehner

Before conservatives form our customary circular firing squad to deal with concerns about the leadership of House Speaker John Boehner, we might want to consider the possibility that Boehner was dealt a bad hand in the last election and that he has played that hand as well as anyone could have.  It might even be worth considering the possibility that Boehner has been crazy like the proverbial fox in his dealings with Obama. Of course, frustration with the Republican tendency to cave under pressure from the left was one of the animating forces behind the birth of the Tea Party, and we must acknowledge the possibility up front that Boehner has simply followed other Republican leaders down the path of appeasement.  If Boehner genuinely thought that Barack Obama would agree to serious spending reductions in return for Republican concessions on taxes, then Boehner has misread both Obama's character and his ideology, and he has been played like an old piano.  In that case,...(Read Full Article)