Hunting Bin Laden: Zero Dark Thirty

Ultimately, though it is an inevitable Academy Award nominee, I found ZD30 suspenseful, well-complected -- but unsatisfying in parts, and as a whole. Others will probably disagree with my assessment.Even in midweek, at a midnight showing, the queue stretched all the length of the huge AMC in Manhattan's Upper West Side. This is a movie that was pre-sold in a major way -- not by ads, either. It is not only the liberties taken with the objective truth of the event, the culmination of a decade-plus of intensive CIA and allied effort, Bigelow and her associates purportedly spent considerable time closeted with the oh-so-busy President getting secrets that ought not, in many people's view, to have been shared. Operational coverts have no business being bandied about in an entertainment as easily viewed by national enemies as by the neighbor's kid. Our SEALs and our national security are abridged and narrowed by such disclosures. All for a buck or a billion. It is also not only the...(Read Full Article)