How to Get Away with Political Violence

It is evident that Washington Post pundit Dana Milbank has an odd filter when it comes to commenting on political violence in this country.  He imagines it on the right and ignores it on the left. On March 22, 2010, Milbank trumpeted his views about the Tea Party movement on the front page of the Washington Post: The journey to health-care reform has been long and gruesome, so it's only fitting that on the day when it would finally pass, Republican members of Congress stood on the balcony of the people's House and stirred an unruly crowd. As lawmakers debated their way to a vote on the legislation, dozens of GOP members walked from the chamber, across the Speaker's Lobby and out onto the balcony to whip up thousands of "tea party" protesters massed on the south side of the Capitol, within about 50 feet of the building. Some lawmakers waved handwritten signs and led the crowd in chants of "Kill the Bill." A few waved the yellow "Don't Tread on Me" flag of the tea party...(Read Full Article)