Growing Up American: Christmas 1941

While it now seems to us to be Christmas 2012, somewhere behind us it is still Christmas 1941. Imagine you are paddling a canoe downstream. From God's view above, he sees the bend in the stream you've already passed. He sees you now, paddling slowly next to the pines on the bank. He sees beyond the bend ahead, where a deer is lapping the tumbling water. You can no longer see what you've passed, nor do you know of the deer just ahead. The stream is time, and while we can only see where we are now, time stretches out in a continuum; one long stream of what has been, what is, and what will be in simultaneous existence... It's December 6th, 1941. A little girl named Arlene is awaiting the arrival of guests for her 8th birthday party. She is growing up American, on the edge of the city's popular swimming hole known as "the pond." War wages in Europe and America is struggling through a Depression, but there is still innocence and hope in American hearts. Life is going on as usual, and...(Read Full Article)