GOP: Rebirth or Capitulation?

Republicans lost royally in the presidential race. They stand to lose even more when the GOP leadership offers up revenue (i.e., more tax payments) in a grand congressional bargain to stave off the fiscal cliff. In the 25 states where Republican governors will have the fortune on January 1, 2013,of serving alongside an undivided legislature, the GOP has an historic, last chance opportunity to redeem their public commitment to setting a free nation on the path to economic prosperity. This is the GOP test. Given the opportunity, will Republicans reduce the scope and size of government? Liberate educational institutions from totalitarian ideology? Thwart illegal immigration from countries whose political culture is antithetical to 'rule of law' and 'individual freedom'? For Republicans, restoration of personal freedom is the golden ring. Nothing short of a wholesale rejection of the socialist takeover of public institutions will lead to a retraction of governmental...(Read Full Article)