Goldstone and Gaza War II

War is about stopping the enemy. By the nature of the beast there is a tally of death and, when Israel is involved, hardly have hostilities broken out then claims come thick and fast that the tally of Israeli dead was way too little to justify the war. Stripped of polite camouflage, angst over the way Israel conducts itself in Gaza amounts to that. Too many Palestinians dead and not enough Jews means another 'crime' for Israel to fend off. If media reports are reliable, commentators unerring, and the United Nations evenhanded, then 'disproportionate' is what Israel's armed forces do best. What vinegary words turn on them, what sourball gaze at Jews playing Goliath! Not enough of them, and too many killed in the enemy camp is the yardstick of right and wrong. Assuredly, Gaza War I and the seeds sown by the Goldstone four have buttressed those delusions. For many, the meaning of 'disproportionate' boils down to violence against people they love, committed by people they love to hate....(Read Full Article)