Free Speech: Either We Have it, or We Don't

The First Amendment to the Constitution of United States is the crown jewel of liberty in Western Civilization. There is nothing in history to compare it to. It is now under assault, not merely from a hoard of villainous dictators,; but more perniciously from a gaggle of self-proclaimed do-gooders. The most insidiously deceptive assaults come under the guise of hate crime legislation, a growing trend even here in the USA; but initially pioneered in Europe. One of the more recent cases involved Michel Houellebecq (pronounced Wellbeck), the pen name of a famous French author. He was brought to trial over an interview with Lire, a literary journal , where he called Islam, "the dumbest religion." Part of Mr. Houellebecq's opinion stemmed from his observation that the Koran is of considerably lesser literary quality than the Bible. "When you read the Koran, you're shattered. The Bible at least is beautifully written because the Jews have a heck of a literary talent," he told the...(Read Full Article)