Embrace the Suck

Let's go over the cliff Gangnam Style. It used to be an accepted truth that America would never negotiate with terrorists -- at least before Obama made 'leading from behind' so popular -- or the ascendency of his current variation, 'leading from nowhere.' Well... in fiscal negotiations Barack Obama is a terrorist. Think about it; he has nothing to lose, because he cares only about winning -- the nation be damned. In fact, the economic depredations inherent in cliff diving provide him with an advantage. By letting lower tax rates on the middle class expire, potentially he has access to so much more money to transform America, along with the ability to blame the Republicans for the entire debacle -- should he choose that route. Or... he could wait, and then propose legislation restoring the rates for the middle class only, while including an increase in executive power -- the ability to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling without the approval of Congress. Control of the debt ceiling is...(Read Full Article)