Democrats Never Stray Far From Their Roots

When it comes to bullying and violence, you can always count on Democrats. The latest example is last week's union protest in Michigan after Governor Rick Snyder signed his right-to-work legislation. Union supporters had a meltdown and then promptly took it out on everyone else. During a celebration rally held by Americans for Prosperity, union thugs tore down the group's large tent -- with women, children, and two individuals in wheelchairs still trapped inside! Some of the people were trampled on as they struggled underneath the tent before being pulled to safety by police. Clint Tarver, a hotdog vendor hired for the event, had his tent tore down while still inside it. After fielding a few racial epithets and even offering one of the thugs a free hotdog, Tarver was pushed aside and his equipment smashed to pieces. The fact that Tarver is black mattered little to the shouting union supporters who surrounded him, nor to union media giants ABC, CBS, and NBC which, according to the...(Read Full Article)