Conservatives Must Not Seek All Low-Info Voters

It sticks in my craw that conservatives/Republicans are leaning toward, in essence, becoming immoral, stupid, and un-American to win low information voters.  Folks, I cannot do that. Meet Semi.  I have more respect for Semi, a stray cat which my wife befriended, than I do for the low-life parasites who voted for Obama because he promised to give them stuff via funds confiscated from others. Semi has the good sense to value her freedom.  A neighbor caught Semi and got her inoculated and spayed.  But for some reason, Semi prefers frequenting our yard. For years, Mary has fed Semi and tried to move her into our home as her pet.  Semi will have none of it.  Semi allows Mary to pick her up and even bring her inside our home from time to time.  But if Mary closes the door, Semi wants out. Semi routinely disappears for days.  Displaying more character, backbone, and wisdom than many Obama voters, this cat values her independence and freedom. ...(Read Full Article)