Can We Reproduce Washington's Victory at Yorktown?

Newt Gingrich's Victory at Yorktown is the third novel in a series about the Revolutionary War.  It chronicles how General George Washington needed a bold and decisive move to end an impasse; thus, he drew up a risky plan to engage the British at Yorktown with the support of the French navy.  To ensure success, Washington struggled with deserters who wanted pay and food and a Congress that appeared to have lost its will.  American Thinker had the opportunity to interview Newt Gingrich about his book and how these stories parallel what is happening today.  Gingrich is emphatic that Republicans should take a lesson from two great Americans: George Washington and Ronald Reagan.  "Reagan's Farewell Address, where he talked about American history, really makes a point about a disconnect between Americans' pride over their country and how they voted.  There are moments in history where you have to draw the line and fight.  There are thirty Republican...(Read Full Article)