Can the Republican Party Remain Relevant?

Does the Republican Party want to remain relevant?   Or are they willing to be cast, by the not so subtle scorched earth tactics of Barack Obama, the Democrats and the mainstream media, into permanent second class status, and eventual oblivion? The only political weapon, but a potentially powerful one, the Republicans have is control of the House of Representatives.   The Speaker of the House thus becomes, by default, the national spokesman and face of the Party.   This person is the one sitting alone across the table from the twin juggernaut of Barack Obama and his celebrity persona and the sycophantic mainstream media, with their predisposition against all things conservative.  It is extraordinarily difficult to hold one's own against this two-headed dragon.   However, if the United States is to regain its once lofty economic and societal stature, there is no choice as there must be a guerilla action over the next four years to delay and...(Read Full Article)